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Transform Employee Surveys with Automation, Incentives and AI-based Insights

HubEngage Makes Employee Surveys Easy To Distribute

The right kind of employee management must have a few certain focuses at the root of all their activities: efficiency, skill improvement, rewarding, retaining, and attracting good employees. In order to do this, you must have a clear understanding of your employee population, the work culture, and working conditions. The only way to get a right and true understanding is by getting it from the horse’s mouth – your employees. Employee surveys is the most accurate way to collect this information.

Gone are the days when you had to create a single format survey and manually send it out to everyone and hope they fill it in. Today, technology has made it easier than ever to create, distribute and analyze employee surveys. HubEngage’s cutting-edge technology uses automation at its finest and AI to help you get into the minds of your employees and make well-informed and powerful changes to your organization.

Let’s break it down:

Create Customized Surveys Easily

The easy-to-use interface enables you to create surveys sized to fit your specific needs. You can opt to create a survey from scratch or choose from a large list of industry-specific surveys that have been created based on in-depth research. Even if you choose a templated survey, you are able to customize those and mold them to your specific requirement.

Multi-Format Questions

The customization doesn’t end there. Choose from a wide range of question formats. Gone are the days when you just have to stick to multiple choice. Now you can opt for formats like drop downs, rating, voting, file upload, digital signatures, and more. So you can ask your questions the way you want to.

Automate Distribution

Schedule surveys to go out on specific dates and times. Set recurring surveys to go out weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. That’s one less thing on your list of items you have to remember to do. Not only can you schedule but you can target your surveys to go out to specific demographics and locations. The super in-depth targeting feature allows you to send out surveys to custom groups or even specific individuals.

Automated Reminders

Send out automated push, email, and SMS notifications to remind employees to take the survey. This helps to collect survey responses quicker without you having to get in touch with everyone multiple times in order to remind and urge them to fill in the survey.

Incentive for Participation

Sometimes reminders are not enough to get your employees to fill in important surveys. Now you can add gamification elements such as free gifts, e-gift cards, or points to your surveys. You’ll be able to collect responses for your surveys, even more, quicker by incentivizing them to take the survey.

Real-Time Analytics & AI-Based Insights

Access responses and insights in real time. Not only can you view each individual’s responses but you can compare responses time-wise or to previously collected survey data. AI-based insights will give you a better understanding of employee morale and how they feel about particular situations. Do they feel more positive or negative, understand more about how quickly you need to make changes to alleviate the situation.

Learn how HubEngage’s Employee Survey Platform can transform your employee surveys

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