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Revamping Employee Training for Increased Engagement

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If you look at traditional training practices in the enterprise, it’s something like this… Employees go through orientation programs and sit through hours, sometimes days of training, where they get a huge dump of information. While they may remember some of it, most of it gets forgotten soon.

While this traditional form of training is good and perhaps needed, to reinforce policies, processes and create an employee culture, HR should also have a continuous learning program. This becomes important considering that more and more millennials are joining the workforce and Gen Y has a shorter attention span, is impatient, and needs information bite-sized.

So how do training and development teams in HR embrace this new organizational training paradigm and accomplish continued learning within the enterprise?

First, recognize the fact that your new workforce is mobile-savvy. So reaching your employees through this training channel is very easy regardless of where they are.

Second, segment and push only relevant content to your employees periodically and make it interactive with videos if possible. Also, use interesting formats like quizzes and contests to reinforce this information in a fun engaging way.

Third, introduce gamification to employee training. Keep in mind that most of the younger generation likes competing with each other – so show leader-boards. Also, incentivize with points for their actions. Once enough points are accrued, they can be redeemed for tangible rewards.

Lastly, pick the right employee engagement platform that will let you enable these features with ease and analyze metrics instantly..

Talk to us today to learn more about how HubEngage can help you create a continuous training and learning program in your organization!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How can I shake up employee training in 2023?

You need to focus on making your training content relevant, make the content fun and engaging so it does not feel like more “work” and introduce incentives through gamification as a layer on top.

Do traditional employee training methods still work?

Yes and no. More and more so, training is shifting to shorter format, gamified and incentivized platforms like HubEngage. 

Is there an employee training platform for mobile apps?

Indeed there is. HubEngage provides a fast and easy way to train employees on the go with iOS and Android apps. 

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