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4 Ways Employee Mobile Apps Reduce Turnover in the Fast Food Industry


Did you know that the employee turnover rate for fast food franchises can exceed 100 percent? When you lose employees left and right, you are forced to interview, hire, and train new workers continuously, at a significant cost. Worse, you are left with an unstable workplace culture that can foster less engagement and increase turnover even further. What is the solution? One answer is to provide a great employee mobile app.

This seemingly simple tool can quickly unite fast-food workers, help them learn their jobs more effectively, and increase brand loyalty. If you do not want to face hiring a brand new staff every month, you must use technology to your advantage and eliminate obstacles that cause a high turnover and low satisfaction.

Create an Inclusive Work Environment

From onboarding to promoting, employers can use employee engagement apps in the fast-food industry to create an inclusive work environment that unites all workers as part of close-knit teams. People often leave their jobs because they do not feel loyal to their colleagues, managers, or brand, so they have no reason not to take a different job.

Unfortunately, fast food has developed a negative association for job seekers, which is why employee engagement apps have become so critical in this industry. If you can change the way your employees view their jobs, you can increase employment longevity and help your employees feel more fulfilled.

A mobile employee engagement app creates a social network for your organization. Each employee can use the app to share stories, send instant messages to colleagues, trade helpful tips, and better manage other workers.

If you use an app like hubEngage, you can also brand your app from the very start, which helps the experience connect with employees as well as to the brand colors, logo, and style.

Keep Employees Safe with Advanced Training


Workplace accidents can cost fast-food franchises thousands of dollars and wreak havoc on employee morale. With an employee mobile app, you can upload training videos, text, and other media to help workers stay safe whether they are working the drill, taking orders from drive-thru customers, or operating the fryers.

For instance, just because you require non-slip footwear in the workplace does not mean your employees understand the reason behind this rule. If you use training to explain why you have created a dress code, your workers might find themselves more willing to follow it.

Similarly, you can use employee training modules to speed up the onboarding and promotion processes. Instead of sending employees to long, drawn-out classes, or scheduling training sessions in the break room, employees can complete their training at their own pace using devices they carry all the time, their smartphones.

Encourage Employees to Compete for Bragging Rights

Everybody likes a little light competition. With employee mobile apps, you are not limited to showing training modules and encouraging employees to update their status. You can also create leaderboards and establish quizzes that let employees test their knowledge and compete for bragging rights.

Competition does not necessarily pit employees against one another, especially when it is done in a creative way. Your employees are not competing for hefty raises, big bonuses, or the next promotion; instead, they can compete for fun gifts like gift cards, free meals, and other desirable items.

If you are creative in your training and competition strategy, your employees will find themselves engaging with the app without even realizing it. They will feel drawn to it because of the gamification strategy you have used to encourage learning.

Build Trust through Social Interactions

Employees that do not trust and respect one another might feel apathetic about their jobs and unwilling to come to work every day. While you do not want your employees to spend all day laughing and telling stories, you can still encourage a social environment with an employee engagement app.

Encourage workers to tell their stories, share interesting anecdotes, and update their statuses on the app.

Consider creating surveys and polls to solicit feedback from employees. If workers know that you will not only listen to their suggestions but also give those suggestions careful consideration, they will begin to trust each other as well as their managers. Trust creates strong bonds, reduces turnover, helps avoid accidents, and ultimately makes the customer experience more positive.

Instead of waiting for another employee to quit so you can start accepting applications again, begin building a team full of people you can trust, and who can trust you in return. Avoid the high cost of turnover and the sense of instability that comes with it. You might be surprised by the positive changes your organization experiences. If this sounds good to you and if you are interested in helping your fast food business reduce turnover and boost engagement rates, try the HubEngage app today.

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