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Navigating Workforce Challenges in Current Times – Why HubEngage is Worth the Investment

Navigating the workforce as the times keep changing can be challenging. A platform like HubEngage has helped ERC BPO maintain constant touchpoints with its employees so they know how to evolve as and when its employees change and evolve. Michael Duplessis, Chief Talent Officer at ERC BPO elaborates.

How did you navigate workforce challenges during the current times?

I would say you know right now for most companies we’re kind of in unparalleled times in terms of workforce management and hiring, recruiting, and retaining. And I can’t say enough about the investment in the people that you have working for you today. And making sure that investment is in constant communication with the company and nurtured in a way that they won’t leave the company for $.50 more or a dollar more or this benefit or proximity. A lot of that decision making that goes through a person‘s mind, is it time to switch careers, change careers and what have you, normally, is made on you know what how to connect they feel to that company and to the supervisors, that leader that’s supporting them. HubEngage can’t cure attrition rates and they can’t cure hire rates but what they can do is make it a lot easier for you to reach down and touch that employee and give them that single experience that pops in their head when they’re thinking ‘do I want to they will do I want to stay’ and that in itself is worth its weight in gold. I think any business leader would be surprised at some of the reasons why employees choose to stay with the company.

When it comes to employee communications, there are a lot of factors that are involved; from making sure management is engaged (engaged management leads to engaged employees)to ensuring your employees speak to each other. Find out how ERC BPO’s CEO helped to engage employees using the HubEngage platform.

A Marketing Manager at HubEngage, Zainab specializes in employee engagement and developing strategies and techniques to elevate the employee experience and work environment in order to subsequently improve productivity, quality of work, and ROI.

Marketing Manager & Editor, @Hubengage

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