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Why HubEngage Personalizes Employee Engagement to your Organization

Learn more about how you can develop a relationship with each employee on an individual level by providing an employee engagement experience custom-made to fit your organizational needs and requirements. Michael Duplessis, Chief Talent Officer at ERC BPO elaborates.

How do you think Hubengage personalized employee engagement for your organization?

I remember through several conversations, I was asking to tell me, I mean you launched this and you rolled out this for other customers tell me what they’re doing, tell me what they’re doing and I almost felt like I was getting push back from them because they were making the experience more personal to ERC which in hindsight, I am looking at kind of the guidance is being the right guidance for us because I mean we didn’t want to emulate everybody else out there you know. At ERC, we have our own culture we have our own path that we are headed down and the HubEngage team was there with us throughout that journey customizing it so it fit for us but I’ll have to say there were a couple of times we were breaking what My ERC was built to do and the team themselves they didn’t look at it as a static product here you have it now make the best of it. There was a lot of accommodation saying you know what we don’t have that yet that’s a good idea let’s figure out how to realize that for you. And it’s that type of partnership that goes along with the technology that I really think strengthens you know with the product itself because there’s going to be new and upcoming features the platform can do but also kind of the buy-in from our side that the team itself that was supporting us, wanted us to see what we’ve envisioned in our heads and so you don’t get that as much with some of the companies I’ve worked with in the past. 

Zainab Kapasi

A Marketing Manager at HubEngage, Zainab specializes in employee engagement and developing strategies and techniques to elevate the employee experience and work environment in order to subsequently improve productivity, quality of work, and ROI.

Marketing Manager & Editor, @Hubengage

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