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Inspiring Customer Story: Mystic Lake’s Success with HubEngage


In this post, we’ll explore how our esteemed customer, Mystic Lake, has utilized HubEngage to reach their objectives. Learn about their identity, reasons for choosing HubEngage, and experience with our platform.

Who is Mystic Lake?

Minnesota’s Best Bet. Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, the premier gaming facility in the Midwest, continually creates unique entertainment experiences for its guests. In addition to a 150,000-foot gaming floor, Mystic Lake offers luxurious hotel and spa accommodations, headline performers in the Mystic Showroom, and The Meadows at Mystic Lake championship golf course. Three lively bars and seven distinctive restaurants cater to every taste, from upscale to casual.

Why Mystic Lake is Using HubEngage?

Mystic Lake partnered with HubEngage to enhance employee engagement using ‘Beacon’, their internal communications app. Improved communication leads to well-informed employees who can effectively uphold the company’s mission, vision, and values.

Their Experience with HubEngage

Since implementing the HubEngage App, Mystic Lake has experienced a remarkable boost in employee engagement. The intuitive platform has transformed the way employees connect and communicate, leading to a more motivated and cohesive workforce. The ease of use and comprehensive features of HubEngage have empowered employees to stay informed and aligned with the company’s goals, resulting in a more vibrant and productive work environment.

2023 Platform Overview 

In 2023, Mystic Lake employees effectively utilized the HubEngage platform, demonstrating remarkable engagement metrics. Throughout the year, over 4,000 posts garnered over 2 million views, receiving over 30,000 likes and comments. This significant level of interaction underscores the active participation of employees on the platform.

The Beacon app capitalized on the events features to organize more than 200 events, while surveys conducted by Beacon facilitated valuable employee feedback. The platform maintained a robust level of activity, achieving an adoption rate of 69%.

Furthermore, over 18,000 notifications were distributed to ensure employees remained well-informed and engaged with the latest updates and activities on the app. Overall, 2023 proved to be a dynamic and vibrant year for Mystic Lake on the HubEngage platform, marked by substantial interaction and engagement.


Mystic Lake’s success story is just one example of how HubEngage can make a difference. If you’re looking to enhance your internal communications and boost engagement, HubEngage is the platform for you.

Visit to sign up today and start your journey towards better engagement and communication.


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