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Employee Engagement Trends to Watch in 2023

Top Employee Engagement Trends to Watch in 2018

The world of work is continuously evolving, and employee engagement is no exception. In this fast-paced corporate world, it is vital to keep track of the latest employee engagement trends to remain competitive and retain top talent. As we approach 2023, the focus on employee engagement has become more critical than ever. CMOs, CXOs, CIOs, and Directors need to prepare for the upcoming employee engagement trends that shape the future of work. The competitive landscape for finding, recruiting, and retaining outstanding talent has also intensified in the recent past. There are several reasons for this, which this blog post endeavors to unravel.

Emphasis on Work-life Balance in 2023

Employee engagement trends toward work-life balance are not new but gain more momentum in 2023. Employees want to work for companies that provide flexible work arrangements such as a hybrid work culture and alternative work schedules. Employers who prioritize work-life balance will have a significant advantage in attracting and retaining top talent in 2023.

  • In 2023, work-life balance will remain a top priority for employees.
  • Employees will feel more empowered to take control of their time and schedule.
  • Companies will offer more flexible work arrangements to accommodate employees’ needs.
  • Telecommuting and other forms of remote work will become more prevalent.
  • Employers will provide more support for employees’ personal and family responsibilities.
  • Work-life balance programs will become more common in the workplace

Hyper-personalization Trends in 2023

Personalization is no longer limited to customer experience. In 2023, employee engagement strategies will be hyper-personalized to meet the individual needs of each employee. Companies will use data analytics and AI to understand employee preferences and design engagement programs specific to each employee. This employee engagement trend will increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

  • There will be increased use of AI and ML across industries.
  • Content will become more and more personalized as the year progresses.
  • There will be greater use of data to personalize experiences.
  • Data-related businesses will see huge surges in their quarterly billings.
  • There will be an increased focus on customer experience.
  • The use of voice assistants will increase.
  • There will be greater use of Augmented Reality; especially in the real estate and hospitality sectors.

Learning and Development Trends of 2023

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of employee development and are investing in programs to support it. Employers who invest in learning and development programs to upskill their workforce will reap good results in 2023. Continuous learning opportunities will keep the workforce engaged, enhance employee skills, and increase productivity. Companies will leverage the latest technology such as virtual reality and gamification to make training more engaging and interactive.

  • Organizations will focus on career progression as a way to engage employees.
  • Flexible work arrangements will become more common.
  • Companies in non-tech industries like manufacturing, retail, hospitality, energy, travel, etc. will witness increased hiring of workplace mentors.
  • Soft-skills training will be a major area of activity among global firms.
  • More and more organizations will subscribe to employee engagement apps for their training and employee nurturing needs in 2023.
  • Non-core upskilling like language courses, hobby classes, sports initiatives, etc. will be prime HR engagements of 2023.
  • And finally, recognizing employees for their hard work and achievements will be a top priority for companies.

Non-core upskilling like language courses, hobby classes, sports initiatives, etc. will be prime HR engagements of 2023.

Employee Well-being Trends of 2023

Staff well-being as an employee engagement trend becomes a top priority for employers in 2023. Employers will invest in employee wellness programs such as mental health support, ergonomics, fitness programs, nutrition, mindfulness, and financial wellness. These programs will promote employee health, productivity, and satisfaction.

  • There will be an increased focus on mental health.
  • Concepts like DEI, Pay Parity, and 4-day weeks will gain prominence.
  • On-site counseling services will rise in demand across corporate sectors.
  • Cost savings of remote and hybrid working will be passed on to the annual employee engagement budget kitty.
  • Rather than recruiting new employees, companies will see an increased level of developing existing staff.
  • There will be greater use of technology to improve communication, increase engagement, get feedback, and measure employee sentiment.

Remote Work As An Employee Engagement Trend of 2023

Remote work becomes the new normal in 2023 due to technological advancements and the changing preferences of employees. Companies will need to implement robust remote work policies, tools, and processes to manage a distributed workforce effectively. Remote work will help companies save on costs, offer greater flexibility to employees, and increase employee satisfaction.

One of the common employee engagement trends of 2023 will be Telecommuting.
Telecommuting, whether on a full-time or part-time basis, has been shown to positively affect productivity. Moreover, it reduces commuting traffic and cuts down on individuals’ (and their employers’) environmental footprint. More than two-thirds of managers responding to one survey said that remote working actually boosts creativity.

  • More companies will adopt an 80:20 remote work culture.
  • More employees will demand remote working.
  • Companies working from the office will find it difficult to attract talent.
  • Cost-of-acquisition for WFO companies will increase by 40-50% as compared to other WFH companies.
  • Moonlighting amongst employees will rise.
  • Companies adopting WFH will witness improved work-life balance among their employees.
  • WFH companies will attract better quality talent at lesser costs of acquisition.
  • More employees will work part-time and remotely.
  • Hobby-based business startups will witness increased patronage from customers.
  • More companies will use virtual office spaces.

Employee Relocation as a Trend in 2023

As the job market continues to improve, more employees will be open to relocating for job opportunities. According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder, 43% of workers would be willing to relocate for a job that pays at least 10% more than their current salary. Additionally, 36% of workers would be willing to relocate for a job that offers better career advancement opportunities.

  • The cost of Living Will Be a Major Factor in Decisions to Relocate
    In the same CareerBuilder survey, 37% said the cost of living is a major factor in relocating to another city. Another 34% would relocate if companies offered better health insurance and family medical benefits.
  • More Companies Will Offer Employee Relocation Assistance
    According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 67% of companies offer some form of employee relocation assistance, up from 63% in 2017. The most common type of assistance offered is reimbursement for moving expenses, followed by temporary housing assistance and help with finding a new home.
  • Employees Will Be More Likely to Relocate Alone.
    The CareerBuilder survey revealed, 28% of workers prefer to relocate without their spouse, and 24% preferred to relocate without their children.
  • The Majority of Employees Who Relocate Will Do So Within Their Current Company.
  • Fewer Employees Will Relocate Internationally.
    As per the CareerBuilder survey, only 9% of workers were willing to relocate outside the country for a job opportunity. This is down from 12% in 2018 and 15% in 2017.
  • An increased number of ex-pats living abroad will return to their home countries in 2023.

Overall In 2023, There Will Be More Emphasis on Employee Experience

Older workers sometimes accuse Millennials of not having the work ethic their elders did, but things are definitely not that simple. A lot of Millennials came of age at a time when their parents lost jobs and watched retirement accounts dwindle after years of unquestioning company loyalty. Consequently, this made many of them ask why they should bother approaching their careers in the same way. Fortunately, companies are listening, and they are gaining a better understanding of how the employee experience shapes careers and career decisions. Every HR professional is aware of how expensive it is to replace workers, and they rightly conclude that if improving the employee experience improves employee retention, then it is a worthwhile investment.

Employee engagement trends range from flexible work hours to novel choices in fringe benefits to employee engagement apps that help employees feel connected to their workplace and to the goals they and the company pursue together. Recognizing the importance of employee experience is not “coddling” employees. It is, in fact, a wise investment in them. Employees who feel connected, feel valued, and feel like an integral part of something greater than themselves are employees who are less likely to jump ship if a new opportunity presents itself.

Ongoing Feedback Will Gain More Importance Than Annual Performance Reviews in 2023

Speaking of the annual performance review, it is being replaced by more frequent, low-key feedback in many companies. Annual performance reviews are time-consuming, cumbersome, and costly, and they do not result in the kinds of improvements that managers want. Plus, they can be tremendously stressful for employees.

One of the most popular employee engagement ideas of 2023 is revamping the performance review concept so that it is more cost-effective and productive. And more importantly, so it prompts positive employee response and renewed employee commitment to excellence.

Employee feedback will become exceptionally important in 2023. And employee engagement apps will increasingly be used to gather periodic employee feedback.

Employee feedback will become one of the many exceptionally important employee engagement trends of 2023. And employee engagement apps will increasingly be used to gather periodic employee feedback. The automated processes and participation nudges help HRMs get what they need effortlessly and on an anytime basis.

Emphasis on Positive Corporate Culture in 2023

Every company has a culture, whether they deliberately strive to have one or not. In fact, companies that do not make the effort to shape company culture put themselves at the mercy of the most vocal and persistent of their employees to create a “culture,” and that is generally not a good thing.

In 2023, employee engagement trends highlight a greater emphasis on creating a positive work culture within organizations. This focus will be driven by the need to attract and retain top talent. Companies will invest more resources into creating an environment that is conducive to employee happiness and satisfaction. Positive company culture comes from engaged employees who understand the company mission, vision, and goals, and who feel included as a part of the journey to those missions, visions, and goals. By creating a positive work culture, companies will be able to improve employee productivity and satisfaction, which will ultimately lead to improved business performance.

In 2023, companies will place a greater emphasis on creating a positive work culture within their organizations.

Again, the employee engagement app can be a powerful tool for shaping and building a positive corporate culture. In addition to delivering important announcements, providing training, and allowing employees efficient ways to take care of the administrative burden of employment, employee apps can (and should) inject some fun and light-heartedness into their day. Do not be afraid to highlight the employee who made it onto Jeopardy, or to post a cute “Employee Pet of the Week” photo. People need to feel human, even while they are fully engaged in their work.

HubEngage is a fully customizable staff engagement app that lets you act on the various employee engagement trends of 2023. It helps you engage your employees in the exact ways you prefer. Not only can you easily customize your employee engagement app with your branding features, but you can also use the app to deliver training, conduct surveys, solicit feedback, send instant notifications, and allow for instant messaging on the job.

Furthermore, with hubEngage, data is collected automatically, allowing you to take advantage of amazing analytics that tells you both the big picture of employee engagement and the granular details, like how many people answered a survey and how many people opened push notifications. Best of all, you can try the HubEngage app for free and discover for yourself how 2023 can be your year for implementing the employee engagement ideas that will make it your best, most productive year yet.

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