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Retaining Top Talent? It’s All About Atmosphere

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Unemployment rates are historically low, and that only intensifies organizations’ need to retain top talent. Human resource and personnel pros – and, increasingly, members of the c-suite – need to do all that they can to retain their best people. Not surprisingly, having the right technology in place can play a key role in an organization’s success or failure in both retention and in the marketplace.

Here are 5 tips that can help your employees feeling valued – and right at home with your organization.

5 Keys to Keeping Top Talent In-house

Communication. Lack of communication is at the root of many employee frustrations. Make sure your business is creating two-way channels for honest, specific feedback from your employees. At the same time, take advantage of ways to provide praise and constructive criticism in real time. Focus on direct, one-on-one conversations, and provide digital spaces like employee communities to allow workers to come together and solve issues without management always being in the middle. 

How is HR ensuring that managers are getting proper training on coaching and communication techniques? Personnel management software company Paycor offers this playbook to help facilitate more meaningful conversations. 

Recognizing Hard Work. Everybody likes to be appreciated and thanked for their hard work. Your top talent is no different. Gallup’s annual study of the American workforce revealed that only one in three employees in the U.S. strongly agrees that they received recognition or praise for doing good work in the past seven days. People who routinely feel that their best work is ignored are twice as likely to say they’ll quit in the next year. 

Prioritizing Professional Development. Your top talent reached that status by developing their skills, and they want to keep on going. Making sure that professional development is a top priority at your organization will keep top talent in house. You can also build a mentorship program to pair senior-level executives with your high performers. 

Making People Valued. Allow workers to feel secure in their job. Greet them by name, letting them know that you know who they are and what their contributions are to the company. Hear what they say about rules or changes that may need to be made. Encourage goal-setting and let them make their own choices as often as possible. 

Asking for Feedback. Does your organization solicit ideas and provide an environment in which people are comfortable providing feedback? Get their input. Develop forums where they can offer ideas, feel free to criticize and commit to continuous improvement—all factors that contribute to employee retention. 

The Employee Engagement Platform Designed for the Task

There are any number of employee communications tools and platforms on the market that let you gather data and push messages to your team, whether they are under one roof or scattered around the world. But to truly engage employees and optimize productivity, happiness and satisfaction, you need more than a communications tool. 

That’s why the hubEngage employee engagement platform is built on our exclusive CoIL Engagement Framework. It centers on five key capabilities that organizations need to yield real business results. 

With hubEngage, you’ll have one tool that allows you to: 

  • Engage: Provide the right content, to the right people at the right time
  • Get feedback: Measure content views, slice and dice big data
  • Integrate data: Use data to improve future content streams
  • Gain insights: See the big picture fast, understand employees better
  • Re-engage: Apply insights and watch engagement rise fast


An employee app platform like hubEngage gives you the power both to create a workforce invested in their work and an effective means of measuring the ROI of various initiatives in real time.

We invite you to try the hubEngage app for free and discover for yourself how close at hand better employee engagement is.

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