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Why Digital Signage for Employee Communications is the Next Big Thing

Increasingly, as companies try to reach all of their employees with engaging communications, leveraging all available platforms and channels has become top priority. One of those channels is digital signage. Is this the next big disruptor in the employee experience space? Let’s examine why it just might be.


Traditionally speaking, employee communications are typically pushed out through the usual channels such as Intranets, emails, newsletters, and mobile apps. However, there can be situations where a decentralized workforce may not be in front of computers or have the ability to access a mobile phone or a tablet. This becomes increasingly a problem where you have hourly workforces in such industries as manufacturing, retail, hospitality, healthcare and others.


Furthermore, if we drill down into the workforce segments by role, the hourly workforce is seldom going to have access to the electronic hardware that will allow them to get the critical information they need in order to do their job successfully. This is where digital signage for employee communications can fill that gap and make sure that the core basic top-down company to employee communication gets across, with the option to personalize the experience even farther.


HubEngage’s digital signage for employee communications is a robust solution that fills the void left by mobile apps and computers as a communication channel. By easily leveraging smart TVs with Wi-Fi access, companies can instantly push and stream the same content that they are already pushing inside of their computer based intranets, mobile apps and emails so that workers can absorb content on the go. Digital signage solutions such as HubEngage allow for companies to set up displays in facility lobbies, manufacturing floors, retail operations, break rooms,  and employee only areas, so that engineering the flow of communications becomes seamless across all channels.


While the content experience on a digital signage solution may not be as segmented and personalized to individual employees, companies can think about the location of each display and decide what content goes where, so that it is relevant and makes sense to the audience in front of the screen. Pushing top down communications such as daily company events, what’s going on in that specific building that day, important announcements, and even things like employee recognition such as birthdays anniversaries and milestones are all easily pushed through employee communication digital signage solutions.


And the experience doesn’t have to just stop at streaming a generic announcement for everyone–content can be associated with QR codes which could then be scanned by mobile phone apps and tablets. In this fashion, employees can then unlock that contact piece inside of their mobile app channel and get a more personalized experience and also interact by liking, commenting, sharing that content internally or externally based on the permissions the company has set in the platform. Content might be just a news article, policy, procedure, document, video or even a feedback survey or invitation to an event. Making the content top down in the digital signage, but then interactive and bottom-up in the mobile app experience is a great way to round out 360 degrees of employee engagement through an interactive fun and rewarding experience.


Digital signage for employee communications is not a new technology per se, however it traditionally has been approached as a one-off solution with a specific hardware vendor using their own proprietary platform to push the communications. This is fast being replaced by robust employee experience platforms that include digital signage as just one channel in the larger selection of other employee communication channels that contact is also pushed through. The idea being to reach 100% of your employee workforce no matter where they are–at home, in the office, on a manufacturing floor, on location, on the go, it really doesn’t matter. With so many ways to reach employees today using advanced technology like HubEngage, you can get 100% coverage and reach the right person, at the right place, at the right time with communications contact that is engaging, fun and rewarding.


Do you see digital signage as the next big disruptor in employee communications? We see it as taking a tried and true method of reaching employees and making it part of a broader employee experience to complement apps, intranets and emails as well. Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear your opinion.


Lastly, do you want to leverage digital signage for employee communications inside your company? Check out HubEngage’s solution and book your tour and demo of the platform to see how you can supercharge employee engagement using this robust technology!

Yash is SVP of Engagement and Co-Founder of HubEngage. Yash is responsible for marketing, client engagement and product development for the HubEngage Employee Experience platform. Over his 20+ years of experience, he has worked in the employee communications and engagement space with enterprise customers of all sizes and bench marked many best practices that have resulted in the feature set included in HubEngage.

Senior Vice President & Co-Founder, @HubEngage

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