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Employee Onboarding Apps Teach Quickly

With competition for talent on the rise, and the need to quickly, effectively onboard new hires in a cost-effective manner, employee onboarding apps provide an inexpensive and highly effective solution. In this blog piece, we will examine how employee onboarding apps are being used, and what kinds of features you can deploy inside of your own employee onboarding apps.

Millennials are projected to become the majority percentage of the workforce in the next few years, therefore the need to provide them with tools in which they may access information in ways that is most convenient and engaging to their mindset is very important. Creating employee onboarding apps can help quickly train and educate your employees on a variety of topics that are essential to having them understand and adapt to their new corporate brand identity.

With your own employee onboarding apps, you can push features such as required reading, training videos, news, events, feedback surveys, messaging and much more inside of one platform. Gamify the experience, by having new hires complete a certain set of tasks, such as watching videos or reading materials, and then take a short quiz or some sort of knowledge transfer mechanism to confirm they have participated in and understand the material you are providing them with. You can even make it fun and interactive and add things such as scavenger hunts using an augmented reality scanning tool built into your employee on boarding app, so that employees scan bar/QR codes, posters and objects to unlock digital content inside of employee onboarding apps. It’s a great way to break the ice for a young workforce coming into the professional landscape for the first time.

The best part about having employee onboarding apps is that you as management can make sure that your new hires, no matter what stage of career they are in, are completing their onboarding and training, so you can rest assured that they have a general knowledge of your employer brand and company culture. By using an intuitive dashboard that shows you high level as well as deep metrics into engagement, knowledge scoring, interactions, and other measurement, you have the data and insights to know that your content and educational onboarding materials are effective. And because it’s all happening in real time, you can keep track as you go along, adjusting your strategy to make sure you’re not wasting any precious time.

Talent development and recruiting departments inside of companies of all shapes and sizes are utilizing employee onboarding apps to not only onboard and train their new hire employees, but also attract new ones. Many companies are creating external facing gamified corporate apps that attract new talent through challenges and knowledge transfer, ensuring that they are finding the right people that are dedicated to the mission vision and values of the company. This is highly effective within industries where recruiting, retention and turnover can be high. It works in both blue-collar and white-collar environments.

Check out some great examples of how easy it is to create employee onboarding apps using software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms such as hubEngage. Click on and check out case studies , videos and examples of best practices of how employee on boarding apps are being deployed inside of companies of all shapes and sizes worldwide. Start a trial and demo a free app that let you test out all features, so you can see just how they may work for you as you increase your recruiting, talent development, and onboarding effort using employee onboarding apps.

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Yash is SVP of Engagement and Co-Founder of HubEngage. Yash is responsible for marketing, client engagement and product development for the HubEngage Employee Experience platform. Over his 20+ years of experience, he has worked in the employee communications and engagement space with enterprise customers of all sizes and bench marked many best practices that have resulted in the feature set included in HubEngage.

Senior Vice President & Co-Founder, @HubEngage

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