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Intranet Vs Extranet Vs Internet

Don’t Mistake an Intranet for the Internet or an Extranet

Key features of an intranet

With the increasing use of technology in the modern era, it is essential to comprehend the distinctions between intranet, internet, and extranet.

Unfortunately, several people erroneously use these terms interchangeably, resulting in confusion in their workplaces.

This blog aims to differentiate and eliminate any misconceptions.


Intranet Vs Extranet Vs Internet: Here are the differentiating factors




Intranets are designed for internal use within organizations only Extranets extend the concept to include outside entities such as vendors and clients The Internet is accessible to anyone in the world who has an internet connection
Intranets are private networks only accessible to authorized personnel within an organization Extranets are also private networks. But they permit selected third parties to access only a few restricted systems, data, and applications  The Internet is a vast network of networks that connects computers and devices globally that are interconnected by routers
Intranets are mostly open to all employees. But access can also be selective for different teams if the organization decides so Extranets are strictly based on the access granted to users by the organization The Internet is open to anyone with an internet connection
Provide a secure means of sharing information and resources within a company Also provide a secure means of sharing information and resources, both within a company and beyond Anyone can share information and resources with anyone anywhere. Needs to be secured with anti-virus software.
Protect the confidentiality and privacy of the organization’s information Also, protect the confidentiality and privacy of the organization’s information The Internet is open and unprotected
Are free from the risk of unauthorized access from external sources Extranets are not completely free from the risk of unauthorized access from external sources The Internet is extremely risky as anyone can access any data that is unprotected at the source
Intranets often have company-specific applications and databases that are only available to its employees Extranets can have various applications and databases that are available to authorized outsiders as well The Internet has unlimited applications and databases accessible to anyone in the world


Difference between internet and intranetIn conclusion, it is essential to differentiate between intranet, internet, and extranet to avoid confusion in the workplace. Whereas the intranet is a private internal network for a specific organization, the internet is a public platform accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and extranets merge both concepts by providing authorized outsiders access to systems, data, and applications belonging to an organization.

The applications for all these networks are vast and are widely used by organizations worldwide. As technology advances further every day, recognizing the differences between the three terms can help organizations use them in the most optimal way possible.

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