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The Importance of Content Marketing in the Buying Journey

Our very own Senior VP of Marketing and Engagement here at HubEngage was a featured guest on the renowned podcast “Pathmonks Presents”.  In this episode, Yash talks about the new remote and hybrid-working phenomenon, work-life balance, and how a unified employee communication and engagement platform helps companies ace the workplace & win in the marketplace. He also expands on how HubEngage as an organization leverages content marketing to maximize visibility, develop HubEngage as a thought leader, and most importantly connect with potential customers throughout the buyer journey.

Snippet from the original article:

“This new remote and hybrid-working world is exciting. It’s a direction towards the future of work-life balance and people are thriving in it. However, it means we need to adapt in order to maintain communication and employee engagement; keeping a cohesive team. HubEngage is a unified employee communication and engagement platform; that helps companies ace the workplace & win in the marketplace. Senior Vice President, Yash Chitre gives us insight into the workings of HubEngage and who they serve. Content marketing has played a critical role in their growth and Yash helps us understand how it supports users through the buying journey, establishes HubEngage as experts, and drives engagement.”


Read the original article right here. 

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