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Up your Employee Rewards Game: Tango Card

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The best way to boost motivation and productivity is to reward employees with the rewards they want. Our latest partnership with Tango Card will help you keep your employees satisfied and engaged.

One of the basic needs of human nature is the need to feel appreciated. Thoughts and actions are many times inspired by the need to collect praise. This appreciation helps people realize what their purpose in life is too. Therefore, it is a no-brainer that this logic is prevalent in the workplace and can be used for positive impact. 

Whether it be remote working or in-office, employee rewards and recognitions are directly linked to productivity, engagement, and motivation. 90% of employees say their recognition program impacts positively on their engagement and motivation levels. Timely recognition of employees, teams and even management will help them realize that their work is valued and appreciated. This in turn will increase job satisfaction which results in higher productivity. 

Rewards are just as important as employee recognition. While many companies do have a reward and recognition program in place, the rewards are not as exciting, or of value to the employees. Budget is of course a huge deciding factor however it is important to also analyze the preference patterns of each individual companies’ employee population. Generic rewards like a branded mug or pen are no more as exciting as they once were two decades ago. Reward employees with the rewards they want. 

Strike the right balance between various categories of rewards:

  • Merchandise
  • Cash
  • Branded Clothing 
  • Travel & Experiential 
  • Gift Cards 

An effective way to build a rewards plan without breaking the bank is by sourcing a holistic rewards provider that does most of the heavy lifting for you. Tango Card has done extensive research to come up with rewards of all kinds to suit almost every kind of employee and every kind of organizational requirement. Choose from a varied list of rewards like cash rewards, gift cards, coupons for major clothing brands, memberships for online streaming services like Amazon and Hulu, etc. Whatever your employee reward preferences may be, Tango Card has it all.

HubEngage’s employee communications and engagement platform has integrated with Tango Card to create a more holistic approach to the employee experience. Now you can incorporate Tango Card for all your employees and customize them right from the HubEngage platform. It’s your one-stop, easy-to-manage platform for all things employee engagement with the power of rewards built-in. 

Want to learn more about this exciting integration? 

Email us at for more information. 

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