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Unlocking Employee Engagement: The Power of Customized Surveys with HubEngage

Use customizable surveys to boost engagement

Surveys are a great way to engage employees and get insight into their thoughts, opinions and overall morale. With HubEngage, you can create your own customized surveys with questions and answers to get the results you seek fast.

The main reason for conducting an employee engagement survey is to gain in-depth insight into what will drive engagement within your organization and what’s causing speed bumps. Businesses have a sure-shot way of keeping their employees engaged and happy by conducting employee engagement surveys.

When done right and the right questions are asked in the right manner, businesses can develop the right strategy to boost company engagement. Here’s why:

  • Surveys give businesses a sense of clarity as to what exact areas need improvement. This helps employees too as they get clearer communication and a sense of direction from higher management.
  • Surveys help to boost engagement levels.
  • Give your employees the chance to voice their opinions and issues. Employees must feel like they are heard and steps are being taken accordingly. Only 20% of employees feel like their management takes actions based on their feedback. This needs to be changed.
  • Surveys can help management keep track of dynamic changes in engagement which then helps take dynamic actions to improve engagement levels.
  • Surveys can also be in various formats, such as a linger multi-section annual survey that digs deep and asks a lot of questions or a simple 2-minute pulse survey with only a few questions to extract a single simple insight.

One can run several surveys and have a very low response rate. A good survey should ideally have a response rate of about 70%. For your survey to be as effective as possible avoid asking the most generic questions. In order to be able to maintain a consistent flow of valuable information, management needs to ask the right questions and customize the surveys as much as possible. Additionally, AI can be used to super customize surveys for each employee. It will dynamically change the next question to be asked based on the responses given to the current question being answered. This will give management incredibly accurate information, feedback scores as well as sentiment scores.

Book a demo to learn more about how you can customize employee engagement surveys on your internal communications and engagement platform.

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