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HubEngage Launches New Employee Experience Platform For Communications And Engagement

HubEngage Employee Experience Platform

HubEngage, Inc., a leading employee experience company, recently debuted an all-new version of its popular software-as-a-service platform for communications and engagement. The newly re-designed platform builds upon the strong foundation of the original software and allows HubEngage’s customers, which include well-known brands such as Extended Stay America Hotels, The KraftHeinz Company, Great Dane Trailers, Utz Quality Foods, and EnerCorp, to leverage the largest, best-in-class, intelligent feature set with popular tactics to engage thousands of employees every day.

HubEngage’s Employee Experience Platform offers various modules to engage employees across their employment lifecycle. Businesses can deploy any module depending on their engagement needs, or deploy the entire experience platform to consolidate costs, resources, and employee analytics.

  • Communication Hub – A modern, interactive, multi-language communications platform with support for streaming videos, documents, media galleries, and email campaigns that puts information at the fingertips of employees
  • Social Hub – An internal social platform for employees to share their updates with the ability to create public and private channels
  • Recognitions Hub – A best-in-class recognition platform to help drive holistic engagement with peer-to-peer and company recognitions, automated anniversary/birthday greetings, plus integrated gift cards and custom reward options
  • Surveys and Forms Hub – A powerful surveys platform with multi-format questions and media with the ability to automate recurring feedback, incentivize with gift cards and get real-time analytics including feedback and sentiment scores
  • Messaging Hub – An instant messaging platform for peer-to-peer and group conversations, all from your secure enterprise environment
  • Learning Hub – A short, bite-sized trivia module platform to reinforce learning across your organization
  • Digital Signage – An interactive and dynamic display solution for lobbies and other common workplace areas to inform employees of communications updates

All HubEngage platform modules are accessible on iOS, Android, and Web and come with optional gamification, leaderboards, and a best-in-class dashboard for administration and deep analytics. Integrations are available for existing legacy HCM, ERP, and HRIS systems such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Workday, and other payroll and benefits platforms. The platform also comes with expert advice and tailored client success support services along the journey.

“HubEngage has fast become a leader in the employee engagement space and our new version of the platform allows employers to consolidate their tools, save costs and reach 100% of their workforce wherever they are,” said Tushneem Dharmagadda, CEO of HubEngage. “The majority of our customers come from different industries where they don’t have an effective way to get critical information across the last mile to their employees,” added Dharmagadda.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the HubEngage platform has been a critical communications lifeline for many organizations. With many companies forced to either lay off or furlough employees, the HubEngage platform has become the single source of continued information to keep workforces in the know about the latest events and future outlook.

“At the end of the day, employers using our platform have been able to successfully engage their people, grow talent, and strengthen recruiting and retention over time,” added Yash Chitre, SVP of Engagement at HubEngage. “Our mission has always been to help companies of all shapes and sizes reach their people better in order to grow their mission, vision, and values. As we’ve worked with some great brands over the years helping them build culture, we’ve seen the power of engaged employees having a direct positive impact not only on satisfaction, experience, and career growth but on the bottom line of the company itself. When your people are well informed, educated, rewarded, and recognized, they perform better, delivering an exceptional product and experience to the end customer,” continued Chitre.

In a reference to a recently released customer video, James Pung, CEO of EnerCorp, gives specifics on how HubEngage has helped them build a positive company culture. “Employee communication is the glue that holds your business together. EnerCorp was fortunate to partner with the HubEngage team to develop our own internal employee app years ago. In 2020, our team posted a multitude of submissions with hundreds of thousands of post views, likes, and comments. We know almost every employee is seeing it, reading it, and engaging so we know our team is not confused, they have a purpose, they’re part of building a positive company culture and all while accountability exists.”

Emily Mathias, Communication and Engagement Specialist at Utz Quality Foods, explains how their employee app, Crunch Connection, has helped them. “HubEngage has been a great partner in creating Crunch Connection. Our ability to connect across our nationwide footprint has been unlocked by HubEngage and has been effective for building associate engagement.”

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