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Engaged CEO = Engaged Employees. How HubEngage Connects and Engages Everyone

How HubEngage Connects and Engages Everyone

Employee engagement is effective when everyone in the organization is engaged straight from the top to the bottom. Michael Duplessis, Chief Talent Officer at ERC BPO talks about how the HubEngage platform helped to connect every individual regardless of the hierarchy. Connect everyone to engage everyone.

How did Hubengage help to connect and engage everyone?

The one thing that makes our CEO very unique is he started as an agent on the phone so he understands the power of coaching he understands the power of an excited workforce, he understands the impacts of when you lose a strong person because he comes from that background where he was working elbow to elbow doing the job our frontline staff is doing today and so when you have a CEO with that mindset it makes important that he has the ability to reach down and communicate with the front line staff. So executive communications come from him and when individuals have a significant date that is coming up in their journey with ERC, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or achievement, he uses My ERC to reach out and congratulate them and open a dialogue to see how things are going. So it’s one thing to have an engaged workforce it’s another thing to have an engaged CEO with an engaged workforce and we use My ERC really to navigate and keep both of those things tethered together.

Making sure everyone is connected is only half the battle. Organizations need to provide an experience that is unique to every employee. Watch how HubEngage personalizes employee engagement to fit every organization’s unique culture.

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