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Employee engagement benefits created by experts

Using our simple, easy to use dashboard, trigger common tactics such as company news, policies, documents, streaming videos, instant messaging (individual or group), surveys, rewards and more. Get employees talking with two-way story telling, photo and video submission, social feeds and leader boards.The employee engagement benefits are vast.

hubEngage starts the dialogue and fosters two-way communication, with knowledge sharing and feedback mechanisms that spark fresh ideas from your people for tomorrow’s products and services, as part of your employee engagement strategy.

Reward and recognize your talent inside the employee communications app, giving them motivation to keep using the app and socialize it with other employees, helping to increase your employer brand.

The plain facts–disengagement hurts

Worldwide, the percentage of adults who work full time for an employer and are engaged at work — they are highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work and workplace — is just 15%. Disengaged workers cost the US alone between $450B-$550B each year in lost productivity.

--Source: Gallup 2017 State of the Global Workplace Report

Bottom line: A lack of employee engagement hurts productivity, harms culture and costs money.

world employee engagementusa employee engagementeurope employee engagement

85% of the global workforce is disengaged

67% of the US workforce is disengaged

90% of the Western European workforce is disengaged

Three steps to increase employee engagement benefits

We advise our customers to take a three-step strategy to increasing employee engagement benefits. Each strategic step includes the corresponding hubEngage tactics for execution.

The result?

You’ll reach them better and faster than before via their mobile devices using our content specific tools like audience segmentation, geolocation relevancy, and in-app behavioral feedback.

employee engagement benefits
hubEngage lets employers…

Educate and Inspire

Educate and inspire tomorrow’s leaders with interactive content, leadership messaging, new product/service training and fast track career advancement.

Trigger Instant Feedback

Trigger instant feedback surveys and polls so you get data in real time, keeping your finger on the culture pulse allowing you to stream future content that hits home.

Reward and Recognize

Reward and recognize brand ambassadors for viewing and sharing content on internal networks with points and badges that may be redeemed for prizes and certificates.

Analyze Metrics

Analyze metrics such as employee engagement levels, satisfaction, knowledge scoring, campaign effectiveness, content advocacy, app usage, gamification stats and more.

The employee engagement life cycle

hubEngage app features cover the entire employee engagement life cycle.

As time goes on, new brand advocates are organically added to your talent development pool.

employee engagement life cycle
With a hubEngage powered app employees can…
  • Learn about new services and featured products
  • Receive push notifications for important company updates
  • Find locations with way-finding maps (buildings, campuses, offices)
  • Watch streaming videos and leadership messaging
  • Interact with other employees via gamification leader board (badges, points)
  • Share experiences and with storytelling
  • Communicate with individual and group instant messaging
  • Share and like content on internal social feeds
  • Access corporate discounts, coupons and loyalty programs
  • Access third party content through in app browser web links
  • Give instant feedback through multi-format surveys
  • Access company directories
  • Much, much, more!
hubEngage increases employee engagement benefits

Watch your company improve based on metrics that foster a successful culture:

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced attrition
  • Increased retention
  • Organically driven performance
  • Increased bottom line growth

Employee engagement benefits use case
hubEngage Employee Engagement Use Case Example
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