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E-Recruitment Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

E-Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2022

The last three years have been the hardest for the recruitment sector. First, the global pandemic crisis hit the recruitment industry, later there was a struggle with the virtual workforce, and now the hybrid work environment is disturbing the recruitment process. 

Recruiters today, are more dependent on technology than ever before. e-recruitment is the new way for recruiters to attract new talent and keep them engaged in their organizations. But tech-based recruitment isn’t a single trend. It has brought many new recruitment trends into the limelight that recruiters need to note down asap.

Digital recruitment has unfolded various new scenarios ahead of recruiters. The key drivers behind e-recruitment trends have been COVID-19, the emergence of new HR technologies, and a shift in job culture. 

Here are e-recruitment trends that you can’t miss out in 2023

The Rise in Gig Economy 

The world is getting some normalcy back, but the job sector is still facing a crisis. Businesses are looking to hire new talent, but employees are not ready to work in the old work environment. In fact, 34% of employees have no plan to go to work anytime. 

This is happening because of salary uncertainties that occurred during the lockdowns and the swift rise in the gig economy. Today, many free job posting sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and others give employees an opportunity to work as a freelancer and become their own bosses. 

Employers need to today work extra hard to attract and retain new employees. They have to strengthen the talent management process with employee branding, introduce employee recognition programs and invest in advertising.  

AI and ML Recruitment 

Recruiters often have to go through hundreds of applications, CVs, and intense screening processes to find the right employees. But thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, this is not a problem anymore.

Using AI algorithms, recruiters can filter out the relevant candidates based on the data feed to the HR tool. AI recruitment allows recruiters to better analyze candidates with high-tech application tracking systems. Further, recruiters can focus on improving communication and skill assessment rather than screening job applications. 

Social Media Recruitment 

Recruiters will use social media more to build a strong employer brand in the coming days. They will constantly share photos and videos of happy employees on social media to attract new talent. Especially to target campus recruitment, social media can help a lot to impress the new generation.

For example, Microsoft has built a dedicated Instagram page to celebrate its employees, a positive environment, and educate people about remote work culture. You can take inspiration from different social media posts shared by companies to build your solid social brand. 

Global Talent Pool 

Remote work has allowed recruiters to hire employees purely based on their skills, not location. This, in return, has made workplaces more culturally diverse than ever before. 

Local employees can bring forward certain skills and knowledge to the team. On the contrary, remote recruitment facilitates recruiters to build an international-level team by selecting talented professionals across the globe. 

In global teams, every employee brings new perspectives into the workplace that empower businesses to become international brands and better target customers around the world. Therefore, 94% of business executives are in favor of a distinctive workplace today. 

Automation in Recruitment 

Recruitment automation will prevail more aggressively in 2022. Already numerous recruitment operations are automated, but in the coming days, a major part of recruitment will be automated, such as:

  • Automated resume screening will save recruiters time
  • Automated pre-qualification through chatbots to enhance employee experiences
  • Pre-screening questions with an automated score system 
  • Automated translation for international candidates during the video interview 
  • Psychometric testing to better analyze candidates, etc. 

Change in Attitude 

Liberal immigration reforms and more involvement of women in higher job positions have also changed recruitment trends. Recruiters are looking to hire more diverse professionals irrespective of their gender, caste, creed, color, race, and other demographic factors.  

New Generation Employees 

As of 2020, around 56 million millennials were present in US workplaces. It is expected that 30% of Gen Z will take over the US workplaces by 2030. 

Since the workforce generation is changing; thus, it is essential to reinforce recruitment strategies for the new generation. It might seem that the new generation is all about punk music and weird fashion sense, but they are also technical, sensible, and value-driven people. 

They want to feel connected and recognized in the organization to work effectively. For this, recruiters need to work on improving internal communication with the new generation of employees to harness a transparent work environment. 

In this, employee communication portals can help you to better connect with your remote and hybrid teams. Here are a few tips for using communication platforms to improve interaction with your employees:

  • An employee communication app allows your staff to freely interact with one another 
  • Employees can better learn via communication apps rather than sitting in long webinars
  • Instant push notifications will fasten up the communication flow between employees 
  • Seamless communication can improve your employee’s productivity and efficiency 
  • Employers can provide quick feedback to employees 
  • It helps to keep employees engaged and socially active, etc. 

How to stay ahead of e-recruitment trends?

It is clear that your old recruitment tactics will not work in 2023. To stay ahead of upcoming digital recruitment trends, you have to use suitable recruitment technologies, internal communication/employee engagement apps, and various other HR tools. 

As per the expert’s opinion, you should focus on two things to stay ahead of recruitment trends in 2023 – adopt the right tools and constantly change your recruitment strategies. 

Once you adopt the right solutions to support the new recruitment model, your recruitment process will be a lot smoother. Similarly, keeping a constant eye on the new recruitment trends and changing your hiring strategies will never let you face a talent shortage.

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