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Reap the Rewards of the Right Employee Engagement App

The Hard Truth: Most Employees Are Unengaged

unengaged employees cost money

Did you know that unengaged employees lead to lost sales, low productivity, and high attrition?

  • Just 15% of full-time adult employees worldwide are engaged and enthusiastic about their workplace.
  • 67% of the U.S. workforce is unengaged on the job.
  • Disengaged U.S. workers cost between $450B-$550B each.

The bottom line?

A lack of employee engagement hinders performance, harms culture and costs you money.

The Good News: You Can Engage Your Employees

employee engagement app benefits

With hubEngage, your company can boost employee engagement and enjoy real business results:

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Higher employee satisfaction.
  • Increased retention/decreased attrition rates.
  • Lower costs/higher ROI for employee engagement programs.

hubEngage Benefits in Action

Inform & Inspire

Inform & Inspire

Keep employees plugged in with interactive content, leadership messaging, new product/service training and fast track career advancement opportunities.

Hear Your Employees

Hear Your Employees

Get employee ideas, insights and opinions with instant feedback surveys and polls. Keep your finger on the pulse of your culture so you can stream future content that hits home.

Reward & Recognize

Reward & Recognize

Reward and recognize employees who view and share content with points and badges that may be redeemed for prizes and certificates. Create a band of brand ambassadors!

Analyze Metrics

Analyze Metrics

View employee engagement levels, satisfaction, knowledge scoring content advocacy, app usage, gamification stats and more so you can adapt programs for maximum performance.

The Real Numbers: How One Employer is Reaping the Rewards

Smartwool, a brand of VF Coporation, uses hubEngage to power its innovative mobile app for sales associates, field service representatives, and retail partners.

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