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effective employee communications improves efficiency

Why Effective Employee Communication Is The Key To Efficiency

Effective employee communication is the essence of any successful business. Employees need to be able to interact as effectively as possible to ensure a free flow of information. Effective staff communication directly leads to an increase in efficiency and productivity. We outline simple yet effective communications tactics that boost efficiency. 

When it comes to employee communications the bottom line always remains that effective staff communication guarantees that everyone is on the same page. Regular back-and-forth conversations between employees tends to help build a strong working relationship between employees, managers, and even leaders. It is this bond that helps to get the job done at the end of the day. Ask yourselves this, when you were in high school, did you want to be partnered with a kid you didn’t like for a science project/experiment? 

Top-Bottom Communication

When you have a good working relationship, communication becomes easier. It is imperative for managers to give out the correct information in order to have their team deliver accurate and high-quality work the first time around as opposed to getting it right on the second or third attempt. Knowing how to communicate with staff effectively can also give employees the space to express their views, exchange ideas, and brainstorm. This constant and daily communication can lead to the development of beneficial processes and solutions that benefit the company. This also becomes a major contributing factor toward employee motivation. Use tools like employee apps to automate, notify and make communication quick and easy. Employee analytics will help you keep track of who is engaged and who needs more information to work. You’ll be able to deliver this information in a prompt manner. 

Linear Communication

It is not only leadership communication that helps improve efficiency. Upward communication is also as important. Managers and leaders need to be able to communicate effectively with each other to ensure unity in messaging and objectives. When leadership is aligned, effective communication with employees follows. This can be in the form of face-to-face meetings, emails, phone calls/zoom meetings, and reports. 

Bottom-Up Communication

So you’ve got top to bottom, linear communication, and lastly bottom to top communication. To truly understand the work culture, the conditions, and the amount of effort required to get the job done, you have to hear it from the people in that situation. Making sure that your employees feel like they can share their thoughts and opinions with their superiors is of utmost importance. This can be done by making sure all their queries are answered promptly, through notifications,  emails, surveys, videos, and meetings. 

In summation here are the key employee communication tactics that will lead to increased efficiency:

  • Effective daily communication from top-down, linear, and bottom-up
  • Use employee apps to make communication quick and easy
  • In-person meetings, emails, and reports can help to maintain communication avenues among leadership
  • For bottom-up communication, use surveys, emails, videos, and in-person meetings to maintain efficiency
  •  Use employee analytics to get deep insights on who is engaged, and who needs more information and assess the current state of the work culture

One of the primary ways to ensure the aforementioned communication is with the help of an employee communication app. Send out content in a timely manner to a targeted audience thereby ensuring accuracy in the information being shared with each individual. Conduct surveys to get a better understanding of the work culture and employee opinions. Notify with push notifications, emails, and SMS/Text messages. Automate processes to improve communication efficiency. Get in-depth analytics on employee engagement levels, performance, and overall mood, all in real-time. 

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A Marketing Manager at HubEngage, Zainab specializes in employee engagement and developing strategies and techniques to elevate the employee experience and work environment in order to subsequently improve productivity, quality of work, and ROI.

Marketing Manager & Editor, @Hubengage

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